Saturday, August 23, 2008

MY LAST POST: thank you for being part of my experience

Hello everyone,

With tomorrow’s closing ceremony just around the corner, I have decided to conclude my blogging from the 2008 Olympic Games. I wanted to thank you all for your generous support and enthusiasm. I've been thinking hard about picking my most special moment during the Games and it is impossible, though the recollection of me getting up off the ground, believing that I was indeed going to finish the marathon shines through the blurred fragments of my Olympic memories. One other moment that has had a profound impact on me was a posting by a woman called Amanda whom I have never met. She said that my story inspired her to start running and living more healthfully. Reading Amanda’s words lifted me from the very bottom of self-pity and disappointment the day after the race. It is my hope that I will continue living my life in a healthy and productive manner and will inspire others to do the same.

After a short visit to Da Lian and Xi An, Aleksandar and I will head back to the good city of Salt Lake on Sunday, August 31st. I’m looking forward to sharing the experiences about the rest of our trip when I see you all in September.

Thank you again!



branca said...

Dear Zuzana,

regardless of mixed feelings you may have right now, you have made us proud out there opening your heart to all of us and showing us how to pursuit our dreams. At times it felt as if we had all been there with you. Thanks for your blog. Have a safe trip home.
Love you both,
Branislava and Ivan

t. said...

I am sorry to see that you won't be posting about the Closing Ceremonies. I do hope you are going.

I am somewhat surprised to see that you don't sound more positive about your experience. As for the post that offended some, I don't remember it being very offensive. You probably offended very few and it certainly wasn't your intent so don't sweat it.

I really appreciated your first-hand account of the games and was very happy to tune into the women's marathon. It was an event I surely wouldn't have watched otherwise, but there I was cheering for you during the broadcast and then re-watching it online to see you finish.

Your performance was brave and inspiring. It showed that a person has no reason to give into the "I can't" way of thinking. I think your blog put a very human face on our modern Olympians. They are not fearless warriors of sport. They are regular people who are different not just because they posses superior physical ability, but because they commit themselves and push themselves harder than the rest of us.


K* said...

Brava, Zuz! Well done! Maybe you have a career as a sports writer ahead of you. I will let you know how things go with your students tomorrow. Enjoy yourselves in China and we'll see you soon!
Happy Olympics!

Anonymous said...

Zuzka, it's been fun reading your blog, I really enjoyed it! Thanks very much for sharing your olympic experience. Hope you won't stop posting for good, I'm hooked :-)
Best of luck to both of you!

valoree said...

Cheers Zuzana,
In today's Trib, they gave out their own medals for Utahns "who made their mark" in Beijing. You won a silver with this description: "Running for her native Slovakia, the doctoral student at the UofU went down with hamstring cramps a half-mile from the marathon finish. After several agonizing minutes, she managed to rise and finish 67th in one of the most compelling stories involving a Utahn."

You have touched alot of people. As some of my younger friends like to say, you go girl!

Thanks, v.

Anonymous said...


great blog. you have a lot to be proud of. Thank you for doing it.


bald runner said...

zuzana, i hope you continue with your blog and i really enjoyed reading your posts as if i was also in beijing during the olympic games. many are inspired with your stories and hope you continue inspiring others. if it is ok with you, i would suggest that you continue your blog at wordpress which gives you more flexibility and feedback to your posts. thanks for those nice pictures and stories. good luck!

bald runner